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Information Security Is A Governance and Management Issue

Current security and compliance tools are difficult to install, difficult to maintain, and difficult to understand. They not only burden the professionals tasked with utilizing them, but also burden the network, Internet, and hardware.  The result is a security and compliance process that is error prone, is impossible to measure, and is reactive instead of proactive.  Security professionals are reduced to glorified data scavengers who spend their time trying to collect logs, build spreadsheets and finish compliance reports in a timely manner.  They have little time to investigate security issues, follow up on insecure end user processes, or report on security postures to management in a clear and timely manner.

AristotleInsight provides the metrics to manage information technology

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Data We Consume

AristotleInsight’s Bayesian technology allows for the consumption of massive amounts of data without negatively impacting the underlying infrastructure.

The data AristotleInsight consumes includes:

  • Events
  • Logs
  • Syslogs
  • User Activity
  • App versions and vulnerabilities
  • Machine Configuration
  • Endpoints
  • Orphaned Data
  • App Usage and Licenses

View Data From the Perspective of Regulations

Regulatory compliance standards are more than checklists that need to be marked.  They are road maps to good governance.  AristoleInsight’s big data architecture allows not only for historical records of past events, but also for a real-time view of data from any regulations perspective.  Events can be viewed through the lens of PCI-DSS, FISMA, SOX, HIPAA, CJIS, GLBA, and FIPS-199/200.

Global Changes We Track

AristotleInsight provides historic risk and vulnerability trends and notifications. It not only tracks traditional security events such as logon and logoff, but also the detail of process execution and URL endpoints.  We look for differences in normal behavior and document changes and trends.

A few of the changes we track and create trend reports for include:

  • Any configuration changes
  • Changes to Active Directory – inactive accounts
  • SCCM configuration changes
  • Endpoint data process changes
  • Orphaned and abandoned data
  • End user behavior changes
  • Data consumption changes
  • Vulnerable applications execution or configurations

Chase Index, Management's Friend

The Chase Index is a tool for non-technical management to understand their enterprise security posture. Every other department (Sales, Finance, etc) produces trends and data which managers use to make decisions. Outliers in the trends and data reveal potential mistakes or fraud.

Organization leaders have no such metrics for security and compliance. They have no concrete way to know if their security posture is improving, their policies work, or if investments in security and compliance resources are proving effective. The Chase Index provides historic risk and vulnerability trends. The Chase Index provides the numbers managers need to measure and determine if security and compliance is tracking on plan.  The Chase Index provides non-technical managers a tool to understand and appreciate their security posture.

Security And Compliance Professionals Need An Intelligent Solution

Security and compliance professionals need a single solution to house their security and compliance information. They need an end to oceans of white noise and false positives. They need an end to data silos, manual data transfers, and combing through logs. Ultimately, security and compliance professionals need a way to measure security, quantify compliance, and see what is occurring in their IT environment.

AristotleInsight uses technology developed over 20 years to virtualize the collection, correlation, and first pass analysis of log and activity data. The solution’s big data architecture and Bayesian inference allow for traditionally separate security and compliance functions to be achieved and presented in a single pane view, to a degree of detail never before seen. Ultimately, AristotleInsight answers the question, “What is happening in my IT environment?” and uses that information to measure security and prove compliance.

Because AristotleInsight gathers such a large amount of data from your IT environment, it is capable of presenting information from different perspectives to benefit the entire management team.

The C-Level

Every other Department (sales, finance, etc) produces trends and data which managers use to make decisions.  Outliers in the trends and data reveal potential mistakes or fraud.  Organization leaders have no such data for security and compliance.  They have no concrete way to know if their security posture is improving, their policies work, or if investments in security and compliance resources are proving effective.  AristotleInsight provides historic risk and vulnerability trends and provides the numbers managers need to determine if security and compliance is tracking according to plan.







Security and Compliance Professionals

Massive amounts of diverse data require security and compliance professionals’ attention every day. One wrong analysis, error, or oversight can lead to a breach or failed audit.  Security and compliance professionals are missing a way to organize and analyze all of the data thrown at them everyday.  AristotleInsight virtualizes and correlates log files to reduce white noise and false positives, revealing log information that is important.  AristotleInsight acts as a full time employee gathering, correlating, analyzing, and organizing all the information the security and compliance department needs to be successful.




The IT Department

According to most regulations and best practices, the duties of the IT Department and Security and Compliance Department must be separate.   Typically, security and compliance solutions are so complex that IT personnel are required to install and configure them, as well as interpret their output.  Furthermore, the IT Department lacks a clear view into their increasingly complex systems.  Root causes of IT issues must be singled out in massive log files and through interviews with end users.  AristotleInsight allows IT and security processes to be separate. The system is quick to install and maintains itself. The system collects, correlates, and organizes detailed end user activity, eliminating the need to search through oceans of data or question employees to determine the root of problems.

See Your Data From Any Regulation’s Perspective


The constant evolution and growth of large IT environments makes managing configurations, user privileges, data access, and patch deployment a nightmare.  Often times, complying with regulations such as PCI, FISMA, HIPAA, GLBA, CJIS, and SOX turns into a mad scramble of research and adjustment leading up to an audit. Soon after the audit, whether for convenience or by accident, configurations gradually drift.  The result is unknown vulnerabilities and another nightmare come audit time.  Complying with regulations should not be a mad scramble.  AristotleInsight not only enables compliance, it allows compliance to be maintained over time.

Regulation Perspectives

See a world-view of all your data from different regulatory perspectives. Choose between different regulation tabs to view data from the perspective of PCI, FISMA, HIPAA, GLBA, CJIS, or SOX.





Continuous Compliance

Automatically generated, easily exportable reports demonstrate compliance with specific regulations.  The reports are continuously updated to provide a real-time overview of compliance posture.  Notifications of configuration changes and sensitive data movement signifies remedial action must be taken to ensure continued compliance.

Prove Compliance

Audit time does not need to be a hectic scramble.  Historic data and automatically generated compliance reports are your tools for proving compliance.







Extend The Scope of Security and Compliance Without Burdening Your Network

Displays And Documents What Is Happening

  • Monitors Active Directory, RDP sessions, servers, routers, and endpoints to show exactly what is happening in your IT environment.
  • Documents changes to privileges, permissions, and configurations.
  • Shows location of sensitive data, and who accesses it, adds to it, or deletes from it.
  • Shows concurrent logins on different devices.

Proves The Development And Maintenance Of Secure Systems And Applications

  • Continuously detects threats based on the NIST SCAP, the CVE, and the CWE databases.
  • Tracks threat levels over time to show continued improvement.
  • Threat level trends show when a problem occurs and when the problem is remediated–demonstrating continued compliance.

Complying with regulations and protecting sensitive data across multiple remote sites is tedious and expensive. Endless pages of log files must be consolidated, transported, and analyzed back at headquarters. This process not only increases the chance of mistakes, but is also a compliance nightmare. AristotleInsight extends your security and compliance scope to the edges of your enterprise without burdening your network, Internet, or hardware. AristotleInsight virtualizes and aggregates your log files from everywhere you do business, and correlates, stores, and reports on the information back at headquarters. AristotleInsight’s powerful Bayesian inference provides actionable and measurable security and compliance information from the furthest reaches of your enterprise.

Quantify and Measure Risk

Organization leaders with a stake in the security of their enterprise’s sensitive information need trends and data to confirm the success of the Security and Compliance Audit. Just as accountants have programs to detect mistakes, fraud, or problems, Management and the C-level needs a solution to convert IT jargon into actionable trends and reports.

Vulnerability Trends

Historic tracking of security events and vulnerabilities provides management with the trends they need to make decisions.  Reports for non-technical executives make sense of IT Jargon.

Know What Questions to Ask

Just like in other departments, management should know what questions to ask and when to ask them.  AristotleInsight provides management the overview of information they need to ask informed questions.

Be Informed

Management should not have to hope they are secure or take someone’s word for it.  AristotleInsight allows non-technical management to see if security and compliance is tracking on plan.

Detect Zero Day Attacks As They Happen

Breaches Happen Too Often, Detection Is Taking Too Long

It often takes organizations months to realize they have been breached. The fact that million dollar IT environments can be breached for months on end without anyone noticing is a huge problem. There must be a better way to defend against zero day attacks.

Hackers Are Not Superior Technologists

Security vendors portray hackers as geniuses. Simply put, they are not. Cyber criminals have endless avenues to attack through and endless opportunities to attack. Security and compliance professionals must defend the entire complex environment against a never-ending barrage of attacks. The odds are stacked in the cyber-criminals favor.

A New Approach Is Needed

Currently zero day attacks succeed because they are buried in white noise and false positives.  Real problems are often overlooked or misinterpreted after detection.  Savvy zero day attacks know how to appear harmless in log files or security software while making off with valuable data. Without the right information, security and compliance departments are fighting a losing battle.

The Value Of Big Data

The activity on your network produces enormous amounts of unstructured data. Within this sea of data lies every single occurrence on your network ranging from RDP session activity, Admin logins and logouts, running processes, and application activity down to mouse clicks and keystrokes. Zero Day attacks succeed because there is simply too much data to truly make sense of it. Current security efforts focus on the data they think is important. AristotleInsight uses all of the data, down to the minute details, to find abnormal or malicious activity.

The Power Of A Bayesian Inference Engine

AristotleInsight uses an inference engine based on Bayesian Theory as the brains of the software. The engine correlates data from the entire environment to determine exactly what is happening.  AristotleInsight detects changes, abnormalities, additions, and new processes, ensuring you see zero day attacks no matter how they enter or try to hide.

How It Works

Big Data Architecture Enables The Impossible

AristotleInsight redefines how forensic and historic information is available.  Run searches across targeted data sources and look for trends over the lifetime of the AristotleInsight’s installation.  AristotleInsight’s big data architecture is a gold mine of actionable business and security oriented information for governance and business operations.

Bayesian Technology

Unstructured data is collected from your entire IT environment using technology developed by our company for over 20 years. Statistics and data are transferred to a server via a virtualized aggregation network, which is extremely routable and robust requiring minimal or no configuration by network technicians.

Powerful Correlation

The unstructured data is collected and first pass analytics are applied in a big-data store.  A deep learning algorithm is applied against that store to determine correlated events and actionable data.

Actionable Data

The data is organized into a user-friendly, single pane view interface to meet the needs of management, security and compliance professionals, and the IT Department.

More Than A Check Mark

Regulation compliance is meant to promote and drive secure practices. Unfortunately, the overwhelming amount of data and complexity found with current solutions forces professionals to simplify compliance to a list of checkmarks.   This defeats the spirit of compliance, and provides a false sense of security.

AristotleInsight virtualizes the process of data aggregation, correlation, and first pass analysis. This allows for security and compliance functionalities never before possible.

Separation Of Duties

Enables a separation between IT duties (app deployment, software updates) and Security and Compliance duties (confirming appropriate patches are deployed) as required by most regulations and general best practices.

Watch The Watchers

See who has accessed AristotleInsight and what information they accessed. See who checks events and what was done to remediate the issue.  

Virtualized Data Aggregation

Data is gathered from every corner of an organization, including remote sites, virtually, without burdening the network.  The scope of security and compliance is extended to protect the furthest reaches of your organization

Continuous Monitoring

Data is collected, correlated, and organized constantly without oversight. There is no dead time associated with the traditional practice of occasional vulnerability scans. 

A Culture Of Security

By extending data collection to the entire scope of an organization, showing how security events are dealt with, and providing historic trends of important security and compliance metrics, AristotleInsight enables a true culture of security.  The entire management stack has the insight and data they need to effectively work towards secure systems and processes. 

Creating A Culture Of Security

Culture of Security

Creating a culture of security is a highly touted phrase amongst the security and compliance field, yet there seems to be little consensus about what a culture of security actually is, and how to go about creating one. At a basic level, a culture refers to a group’s beliefs, practices, and actions on a daily basis. What this means is that a culture of security is impossible if company employees, from the C-level down to interns do not understand how cyber crime works and their role in preventing it. Current security solutions make instilling a secure culture a difficult task. While other departments have metrics and data to drive their actions, currently security and compliance have none. Without data, management relies on the word of the IT and Security personnel, who rely upon their analysis of oceans of data to determine security posture and make security decisions. Without a culture of data driven security, millions of dollars in security and compliance investment can prove ineffective.

The power of trends

Because AristotleInsight stores forensic level data historically for years, Security and compliance professionals, as well as management, have access to security and compliance trends that allow them to quantify success and progress over ranges of time. For example, the C-level can see a monthly, quarterly, or annual trend of cyber risk to assess the effectiveness of investments in security. Security and compliance professionals can view daily trends to notice a newly installed app has vulnerabilities that need to be patched, or that new faults in already implemented technologies have been discovered. Management can use daily trends to identify a spike, ask why it occurred, and see when it has been remediated. With the hard data provided by AristotleInsight’s trends, the C-level, management, and security and compliance professionals have the information they need to drive a culture of security.

Finding Value In Security And Compliance

Security and Compliance is often viewed by the C-level as nothing but a cost center. Solutions are expensive and rarely are able to demonstrate their true value to non-technical management. Furthermore, different point solutions often must be patched together, increasing cost and creating data silos.

Demonstratable Security And Compliance

AristotleInsight’s historical trends demonstrate value. Management is able to see a continual decrease in risk over time and that security investments are tracking on plan.

Valuable Utilization Data

AristotleInsight documents all activity. It is able to provide detailed asset utilization information to drive efficient use of resources. Software, application, and hardware usage metrics allow for data driven spending decisions during budget time.

Seamlessly Adapts To Network Evolution

OS agnostic, operating on virtually anything including PC, Mac, Chromebook, Tablet, Mobile, and Legacy platforms.






Our horizontally scalable big data architecture means you can scale from tens of monitoring points to tens of millions without compromising your infrastructure or bandwidth.



Our virtual data-channel architecture ensures your data sources are seamlessly integrated without oversight from your IT staff.  It is almost as if it is preconfigured for your infrastructure.




We use our 30 years of engineering experience to build a slippery, easily installable agent.  Installation is painless and provides a robust, easily scalable monitoring system which reacts, moves, and configures based on your network.

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