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AristotleInsight® is the world’s first Continuous Diagnostics & Monitoring (CDM) Platform that bridges the gap between security frameworks and real-world IT Technologies. Based on the revolutionary UDAPE® technology, AristotleInsight® makes frameworks such as FFIEC, GIAC, FISMA, HIPAA, NIST 800-53, COBIT5, and PCI more than just checklists or paperwork. We continuously monitor and report on:

– Insider Threat, Behavior, and Data/Application Access
– Vulnerabilities, Cyber Hygiene, and Data in Motion
– Configurations, Changes, Orphans, and Loop Backs
– Privileged User, APT, and Rogue Device Tracking

UDAPE® not only allows for the identification and trends of risk as called for in the security frameworks, but also for detailed actionable items. For example: Identify not only a configuration orphan, but what administrator caused it; Identify not only a vulnerability, but if it was caused by enumeration, a cyber hygiene upgrade issue, or end of life risk acceptance; Not only does it notify first level managers of potential issues, but explains to them why and what the next steps are.

AristotleInsight amplifies the capabilities of your security and compliance staff by providing insights, actionable items, and the data needed to properly manage and audit configurations, assets, user behavior, and risk, down to the process level.

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"You'd be surprised about the things running on your network versus what you think is supposed to be there."
Rob Joyce
Former NSA Hacker-in-Chief

What Make AristotleInsight Different?

AristotleInsight provides meaningful, actionable, and repeatable data that Identifies Risk, Directs Remediation, and Documents Results.

The comprehensive system combines several IT & security functions behind a single-pane of glass to amplify the capabilities of security teams. These include:

– Active Directory

– User Behavior
– Risk Reporting

– Configurations
– Asset Discovery

The data is organized into an accounting double entry system, developed in 1494 by Luca Pacioli, which naturally provides forensic auditing capabilities. The 3-tiered Logical Layer design allows anomalous activity to be naturally identified and filtered to the top, without sacrificing the ability for security & compliance staff to quickly dig into the detailed low-level data.

AristotleInsight does the heavy lifting of collecting, organizing, and first pass analysis of security & compliance data.

Data is organized into 3 Logical Layers using a top-down approach.

– L3 is the top layer and represents metrics and data used within security frameworks. For example, one of the L3 reports is the UDAPE® Cyber Intelligence Metrics which presents top security metrics, trends, and summaries.

– L2 represents process oriented reporting. For example, the ability to track, sign-off and accept risk or direct remediation results for Enumerated Risk, Cyber Hygiene Risk, or End of Life Risk is presented in L2. L2 also presents journals which allow the review of who ran these process reports and what actions were taken.

– L1 is detailed reporting on network wide issues such as logon/logoff, user forensics, SIEM and WMI data, Active directory configurations and changes as well as assets. Included in these reports is the ability to drill down to process level data running on any given machine at any given time as well as their TCP/IP and data transfer. This data is in an infinite scroll spreadsheet with advanced filtering and export abilities.


Unique Bayesian filtering & data-linking technology allow trends, summaries, and relationships between key security metrics to be shown in the high-level L3 Dashboards. These Dashboards naturally filter out anomalous activity to alert security professionals of areas that need attention and allow them to quickly pivot into the L1 detailed data to investigate.

Below is an example of the L3 UDAPE® Cyber Intelligence Metrics Dashboard. This dashboard provides the top security metrics and KPIs:


AristotleInsight’s L2 layer presents reports that Direct processes and remediation efforts. These reports allow you to Identify areas requiring attention, Direct efforts to remediate issues, and Document the results of what was changed, when it was changed, and who made the changes.

An example of the L2 Management Report:

"It is management's and employee's responsibility to protect the company's information and resources."
GIAC Framework

An example of the L2 Risk Enumeration Report:


Low-level L1 reports present traditional detailed data for things like Logs, User Behavior, Forensics, and Assets. Utilizing AristotleInsight’s near-instantaneous updating, intuitive filtering, & infinite scroll technology, L1 reports allow security professionals to find the detailed data they need quickly & easily.

An example of the L1 SIEM Report:

An example of the L1 Configuration Changes Report:

"The need of a successful and responsible organization is to have well written security policies and procedures, run information security awareness programs on a continuous basis, and be conscious in protecting its assets."
GIAC Framework

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Why We Built AristotleInsight

We thought it was absurd that in an era of big data, our Hunt Team was still tasked with hunting for data instead of hunting for threats.

So we built AristotleInsight.

We built AristotleInsight to continuously & automatically collect, organize, store, analyze, and visualize the enormous amounts of data necessary for a strong security posture. Backed by 30 years of experience, our virtualized data channel and Bayesian compression allow for years of forensic data to be stored, structured, and organized.

A tool for information security, risk, audit, management and compliance professionals.

Data without structure is useless. IT professionals need easy access to data and metrics that are repeatable, organized, and historic.

AristotleInsight’s unique data linking and top down reporting provides structure for years of IT management data. Changes, anomalies, and suspicious activity simply jump out. Post-incident response will never be the same.

To see a solution that is built for security professionals, that is not a science fair project, and that is continuously evolving over time, contact us today.

How Hard Are These Functions For Your Security & Compliance Staff To Implement?


Vulnerability & User Risk
Risk by Asset Connections
Structure of Risk
Active vs. Static Vulnerabilities


User Behavior Analytics
Risky Behavior That Could Lead to APTs
Privilege Escalation & User Lockouts


Asset Counts & Utilization
Security Coverage by Assets
Vulnerability Persistence
Process Validation


Permissions & Privileges
Privilege Creep
Group Policy


Bridge the Gap Between Metrics & Regulations
Highlight Compliance at a Glance
Prove Compliance to Auditors
Build Your Book


Prioritize Threats by Importance
Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
Internal & External Threats
Critical Vulnerabilities


Validate Current Security Tools
Ensure Security Processes are Working
Highlight Major Security Issues


Reduced Cost & Complexity
Meaningful Reports
Validate What is Happening on Network


Source & Destination of All Traffic
Data in Motion/Data at Rest
Process Creation


Our UDAPE® Cyber Intelligence Service Turns Security Upside-down

Implementing our UDAPE® Cyber Intelligence Service, we free you from the complexity of traditional point solutions by unobtrusively doing the heavy lifting of collecting, organizing, and first pass analysis of Security & Compliance data.

Instead of using point security solutions to gather specific data or do certain tasks, we built a full-featured IT & Security Management platform to continuously & automatically collect, organize, store, analyze, and visualize all necessary security & compliance data behind a single-pane of glass.


Reduce Configuration & Install Times With AristotleInsight’s Machine Learning Capabilities

AristotleInsight is a revolutionary next generation IT & Security Management Platform. Implementing our UDAPE® Cyber Intelligence Service, we free you from the complexity of traditional point security solutions by unobtrusively doing the heavy lifting of collecting, organizing, and first pass analysis of security data. Our unique Bayesian Inference Engine and data linking techniques reduce network load and break down the walls of traditional network infrastructure.

Reduce Complexity With AristotleInsight

With many organizations moving from traditional security models to more of a Hybrid Security Model, we found there is too much complexity with traditional security tools. Too much manpower, time, and cost are required to operate them. With our UDAPE® Cyber Intelligence Service, we handle the complexity and leave you with the security.


AristotleInsight’s unique design harnesses the power of several point solutions and brings them to the user behind a single-pane of glass to reduce cost and complexity. The days of jumping from solution to solution for the security data you need are over.


The simplicity of AristotleInsight’s functionality makes it a great fit for Hybrid Security Models. The complexity of traditional point solutions typically makes them a poor fit for this model, as they require too much manpower, time, and cost to maintain and operate.


With complex point security solutions, errors are bound to happen. Missed anomalies or forgotten patches leave an organization vulnerable. AristotleInsight’s automation and alerting capabilities reduce these errors and improve your security posture.

Explain Complexity With AristotleInsight

Whether operating in a traditional or Hybrid Security Model, demonstrating security risk posture to the board of directors can be a daunting task. They are typically business people who want meaningful trends and reports to help them understand the organization’s security risk posture. AristotleInsight® takes a financial reporting approach to security that allows the board to understand your security risk posture and the potential action items needed.




Who Are We?

Sergeant Laboratories builds sophisticated software that provides straightforward solutions to complicated IT problems. Over fifteen years ago, our engineers were asked, “What are our computers actually being used for?” Answering that question has proven critical to successful IT security and compliance. Our flagship product, AristotleInsight®, has been widely adopted by financial institutions, governmental bodies, healthcare facilities, and retail chains. We have developed an agile design and marketing model that allows us to react rapidly to feedback from customers. Our years of experience combined with extensive input from customers enables us to provide a practical solution that just works and is used every day.

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