Freedom from SIEM Limitations

AristotleInsight™ is a next generation Big Data Security Analytics Platform. Implementing our UDAPE™ Cyber Intelligence Service, we free you from the limitations of traditional SIEM tools by unobtrusively doing the heavy lifting of collecting, organizing, and first pass analysis of security data.

Quick Deployment

Installs in Hours

Seamless Integration

Minimal Configuration Required

Any Environment

On-site, Hybrid, Cloud


Remote Locations

Complete Coverage

Assets, Configuration, Utilization

Logs, Active Directory, Vulnerabilities

User & Entity Behavior Analytics

Our UDAPE™ Cyber Intelligence Service

Turns Security Upside-down 

We saw too many problems with the way traditional SIEMs operate: Impact on your network & machine performance, Limited historic data storage, Reporting & visibility holes, Breaks during updates, and Difficult to maintain.

To combat this, we turned security upside down. From the ground up, we built AristotleInsight™ to overcome these downfalls and automate the Cyber Intelligence Cycle. Instead of building another point security solution, we focused on collecting data and moving it unobtrusively to a single location.

UDAPE Cyber Collection Service

Instead of using point security solutions, like SIEMs, to gather specific data or do certain tasks, we built a Big Data Security Analytics solution to continuously & automatically collect, organize, store, analyze, and visualize all necessary security data behind a single-pane of glass.

With our unique Bayesian Inference Engine and data linking techniques,

traditional “security tools” become Just Reports

We Do Everything Your SIEM Does But,

Can Your SIEM Do This?

Topological Risk Reporting

Vulnerability & User Risk

Risk by Asset Connections

Structure of Risk

Active vs. Static Vulnerabilities

Configuration Reporting



Group Policy


Vendor & Privileged User Tracking

User Behavior Analytics

Risky Behavior That Could Lead to APTs

Privilege Escalation & User Lockouts

Regulation Roadmap

Bridge the Gap Between Metrics & Regulations

Highlight Compliance at a Glance

Prove Compliance to Auditors

Build Your Book

Maturity Modeling

Asset Counts & Utilization

Security Coverage by Assets

Vulnerability Persistence

Privilege Creep

Threat Analytics

Prioritize Threats by Importance

Data in Motion/Data at Rest

Process Creation

Internal & External Threats

Why We Built AristotleInsight™

Richard Clarke Quote

We thought it was absurd that in an era of big data, our Hunt Team was still tasked with hunting for data instead of hunting for threats.

So we built AristotleInsight™.

We built AristotleInsight™ to continuously & automatically collect, organize, store, analyze, and visualize the enormous amounts of data necessary for a strong security posture. Backed by 30 years of security engineering experience, our virtualized data channel and bayesian compression allow for years of forensic data to be stored, structured, and organized.

A tool for information security, risk, audit, and compliance professionals.

Data without structure is useless. Security professionals need easy access data and metrics that are repeatable, organized, and historic.

AristotleInsight’s™ unique data linking and Topological Risk reporting provides structure for years of security data. Changes, anomalies, and suspicious activity simply jump out. Post-incident response will never be the same.

To see a security solution that is built for security professionals, that is not a science fair project, and that is continuously evolving over time, contact us today.

Who Are We?

Sergeant Laboratories builds sophisticated software that provides straightforward solutions to complicated IT problems. Over fifteen years ago, our engineers were asked, “What are our computers actually being used for?” Answering that question has proven critical to successful IT security and compliance. Our flagship product, AristotleInsight™, has been widely adopted by financial institutions, governmental bodies, healthcare facilities, and retail chains. We have developed an agile design and marketing model that allows us to rapidly react to feedback from customers.  Our years of experience combined with extensive input from customers enables us to provide a practical solution that just works and is used every day.