AristotleInsight® has introduced Vulnerability Gateway (VG) GRC in its latest release. The VG GRC feature continuously identifies risks and directs users on how to remediate them, all while documenting the process. This feature works across the three vulnerability gateways: software, cyber hygiene, and end of life.

As a CDM, AristotleInsight® identifies risks and proposes remediation steps continuously. The VG GRC continues from this point. For example, if a cyber hygiene risk is detected, AristotleInsight® will immediately notify users of exactly what and where the risk is. At that point, the risk is either assigned for remediation or accepted. Whatever decision is made is automatically recorded in the journal section and the name of the decision maker is added. Many times older devices that are at risk are left running due to misguided belief that they are necessary and the risk is signed off on. The VG GRC allows users to enter the name of exactly who in management agreed that the risk was acceptable. This helps to eliminate the corporate lore and brings detailed records of not only who accepted the risk, but where and why the risk was accepted to board meetings and audit meetings.

Commenting on the VG GRC release, Director of Secure Systems Dave Losen said, “The VG GRC is the natural extension of our Directional Vulnerability Matrix. With it, we clearly document risk details and provide clear direction to the remediation steps. With VG GRC we can now document the decisions and effects of the remediation process for regulatory compliance.”

About AristotleInsight®
AristotleInsight® CDM continuously identifies risks, directs the remediation process, and documents the results in order to drive your security process. This bridges the gap between security practices and security frameworks. Examining vulnerability gateways, configuration management, and threat analytics is time-consuming. AristotleInsight® covers all three continuously and automatically. Continuous diagnostics and monitoring enable control over what you have, how it’s being used, and who did what.

About Sergeant Laboratories
Sergeant Laboratories creates straightforward, sophisticated software solutions to complicated, pressing IT problems. For more than three decades, Sergeant Laboratories engineers have asked and answered the question, “What are our computers actually being used for?” Using the answers, Sergeant Laboratories has developed best-in-class security and compliance software solutions adopted widely in the healthcare, government, retail, and financial sectors.

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AristotleInsight is a big data security analytics solution implementing the UDAPE model. The solution collects, links, and organizes security data in order to establish baselines, conduct user behavior analysis, recognize anomalies, and detect advanced persistent threats.

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