The security and compliance industry is advancing at a frantic rate, yet due to years of perceived unimportance, still lags behind other departments of enterprise.  In other words, security and compliance understanding, procedures, and tools are far behind those of sales or finance.  The most prominent example is in measuring results.  The sales department relies upon statistics and numbers (which are readily available) to determine success, and the finance department relies upon audit and fraud software and accountants to ensure proper procedures and detect mistakes or fraud.

Currently, the security and compliance industry is full of repurposed IT tools that do things but lacks methods to measure what has been done.  There are countless tools that scan for vulnerabilities, deploy patches, manage configurations, or protect against rudimentary attacks, but there is a serious lack of solutions to track, trend, and measure these processes.  If you gave a CFO automated tools to make transactions and prevent rudimentary fraud and tried to convince him nothing would go wrong, he would laugh at you.  Unfortunately, this is the scenario CIOs and CISOs are currently faced with.

The recent string of large-scale public breaches has forced the C-suite to acknowledge the importance of information security and the need to invest in it.  As such, security and compliance vendors are scrambling to outpace competition and meet the needs of those in the trenches.  The next big leap forward towards data protection is not in doing more, but in measuring what is being done.

One solution currently providing measurement and trends for security and compliance is AristotleInsight.  The solution provides detailed insight into IT environments including current vulnerabilities, anomalies (ie Machines missing a patch), and configuration changes.  Weekly, monthly, and annual trends show long term changes to security and compliance posture, measuring the success of the department. AristotleInsight was built to be for security what accounting software is for finance.

AristotleInsight is a big data security analytics solution implementing the UDAPE model. The solution collects, links, and organizes security data in order to establish baselines, conduct user behavior analysis, recognize anomalies, and detect advanced persistent threats.

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